Charleston Church Shooting Draft

Here's a draft of my 'article' concerning the Charleston Church Shooting.

Charleston church shooting

On the 17th of July, 21 year old Dylan Storm Roof committed a hate-crime by killing nine people that had been attending the Charleston Church of Southern Carolina of that very day. Sources including his roommate have informed the press that this young adult had very clear political opinions, specially concerning segregation. We can report from several sources that “he wanted it to be segregated. He wanted it to be white with white and black with black”, and that “ he wanted to start a civil war. Said he was going to do something like ___ and then kill himself”.

Something that has angered a lot of people, often leaving them with the feeling of being unsafe in their country, is the fact that the mass murderer was legally armed with a .45. He had been arrested at least twice within a few months of the shooting, many claim that he should not have the right to legally have a gun in his possession. This is somewhat true, however, the state of Southern Carolina does not demand a background check when a gun is given privately. Although some therefore demand to have this law changed onto making private gun exchanges without any declared background check illegal, others- rifle companies- have taken the opportunity to point out the importance of carrying a gun, and that therefor, more people should have them in their possession.

The true reason for the shooting is also a source of conflict. Whereas the majority points out the killer's obvious racist mentality, others claim that this can be due to the man being mentally ill or being 'too young' to really acknowledge the causes of what he was doing. The facts supporting the first opinion includes his use of social media. His Facebook profile picture has been seen to be a picture of him wearing a green-colored jacked with the flags of two once white-ruled african countries/areas. Another picture shows himself sitting on the porch of a car with plates showing the Confederate flag.. Finally a website that is believed to belong to him, shows in several posts that he was fully aware of the situation, but had his mind set on segregation.

The consequences of his actions are a disaster. Nine people were killed. The youngest victim, Tywanza Sander (26) stood between Roof and his aunt in an attempt of saving her. Susie Jackson, shortly after, became the eldest victim at the age of 87. Sharonda Coleman-Singleton (45) was a mother of three, Reverend Clementa Pinckey (41) was also state senator, Myra Thomson was 59 years old, Reverend Depayne Middleton-Doctor was 49. Cynthia Hurd, a beloved sister, would turn 55 on the 21st of June, Ethel Lee Lance was a 70 year old sexton, and Reverend Daniel L. Simmons was 74 years old. They all had a life, a family and faith. The only thing they had done was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then there is the political and social damage. Many have asked the confederate flag to be take down because of what it represents- including the belief of an “├╝ber race”, being th white colored one. Then, according to Washington Times, black activists fear a “race war”. Quoting from their website, We don’t need any more bloodshed and we don’t need a race war,” pleaded J. Denise Cromwell, a black community activists. “Charleston has a lot of racial tension. … We’re drowning and someone is pouring water over us.” Charleston is know for having some tension between what has become white communities and black communities. Obviously, the attack did not help the town's social issues on skin color.

Mass murderer or terrorist attack? An other issue, is simply what to call this event. Those that call it a mass murder a often the ones who also think that he is mentally unstable, and those who call it a terrorist attack often also claim that it would have been labeled as one right away if the attacker had not been white. By definition, a terrorist attack is “ a surprise attack involving the deliberate use of violence against civilians in the hope of attaining political or religious aim” (source: As far as I know, the attack was a surprise, it did involve the deliberate use of violence against civilians, and this violence was due to the hope of attaining political aim- in this case segregation. However, people barely seem to be able to agree on a clear definition, so it is understandable that they fail to agree on what to call this attack.

In the end it is important that we stay united. That we respond to this act of hatred by acts of love. Think about the families, and the ones that have lost mother, father, sister, brother, son, grand mother, grand father. That we show that this is not the way we intend our countries to grow. That we show that all the efforts and sacrifices that have been made through generations in the goal of equality, of acceptance and tolerance. With this I hope you will spread the word or/and think about what has happened first with and objective, then with a subjective point of view.

Thank you for reading.


2nd Paragraph; It all comes down to this; do we make it illegal for the killer to carry a gun or do we arm everybody so everyone gets a shot at getting killed (pun unintended).

3rd Paragraph; To this conflict, my own opinion is, first of all, that the man is 21 years old. Not eleven, not fifteen, but twenty-one. At this age he, as anyone else should be fully responsible of his actions. Then, although there is an extremely small chance that he is mentally ill, he should still at least be charged for committing a hate-crime, specially because he has made his causes of actions perfectly clear to friends and public in the past.
  • People tend to say or think that racism is practically over in the U.S.A and that political leaders and law enforcement no longer alter their decisions based on culture, origin, color of skin, sexuality, etc... Yet here we are. It is 2015 and a white man recently shot 9 innocent people inside a church based on the belief that it was the right thing to do due to the people's color of skin. ____ years ago, a young man ____ was accused of killing a police officer. No proof was ever found, no eyewitnesses ever confessed, yet a couple of weeks later he found death on the inside of a courtroom. Today, death is not even on the table. Although no part of me agrees with fatal punishment, I believe that law enforcement should either decide to make him pay the same price as other colored men have before him- often for less- or abolish the death penalty.

4th Paragraph; following the definition, it is in my opinion that this was a thought-through terrorist attack.
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