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Feeling proud is something I think I haven't felt in years
 It's amazing! Here's what happened...

On wednesdays I have athletics from 17 to 19 (with a friend). When we were warming up doing exercises on the (tribunes) (with around 5 other girls) the coach said something like "I have an available spot for a national championship in 400m running" and then a girl pointed at me and said "she's fast". First I was surprised- how would she know that?- then I remembered that a few months  back I had beaten her on the 200m. But this was months ago and my (condition physique) has gone down ever since...
Later I found myself- after some protesting- on the start-line with the coach. I felt pressured for three reasons: 1) A big part of the team was waiting for the coach and therefor watching me, 2) I was the only one the coach asked first so I was scared of his hopes being too high up, 3) I hadn't worked out for a long time so I was scared to see that I would "die out" before the end of the run.
After running first at 80% on the first time I ran about 70% and then the last bit I almost did all I could but I felt like my legs were weaker so I probably didn't run too fast.

Keep in mind: this is my first year doing athletics and I had never before run 400m (my old max was 200m).
In the end I got the time of... 1min10 seconds! I was born in 99 so I'm in the "cadet" group but if I'm accepted to go to the competition I'll be running with and against "elites" which is one of the highest levels (no pressure).
The coach approved of my timing but still wanted to make sure by making me run the 200m before the end of the training... I didn't feel like I gave it my all at all but I managed to arrive to the finish line after 31 seconds (the coaches expectations being 38).
Therefor I'll be doing some personal physical condition (jogging) in the week-end in addition to the sunday-afternoon cheerleading training. On tuesday, when I usually have cheerleading I'll have the head-coach (whom I've never seen before) observe and in a way judge my running or something.
If I come through, I'll be going to the championships in Paris with a team of high level athletes.
I am very exited and although I realize this is probably a bad thing; my physical state depends a lot on my thoughts and emotions, therefor I hope to be welcoming my good friend adrenaline when I see my competition.
Anyway! This was a great experience and although it's a long text, it feels amazing to write it all out.

See you soon!


For those who don't know:

400m: full "circle" running
200m: half "circle" running


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