Feeling proud- Athletics- Running- Fitness- Sports

Feeling proud is something I think I haven't felt in years
 It's amazing! Here's what happened...

On wednesdays I have athletics from 17 to 19 (with a friend). When we were warming up doing exercises on the (tribunes) (with around 5 other girls) the coach said something like "I have an available spot for a national championship in 400m running" and then a girl pointed at me and said "she's fast". First I was surprised- how would she know that?- then I remembered that a few months  back I had beaten her on the 200m. But this was months ago and my (condition physique) has gone down ever since...
Later I found myself- after some protesting- on the start-line with the coach. I felt pressured for three reasons: 1) A big part of the team was waiting for the coach and therefor watching me, 2) I was the only one the coach asked first so I was scared of his hopes being too high up, 3) I hadn't worked out for a long time so I was scared to see that I would "die out" before the end of the run.
After running first at 80% on the first time I ran about 70% and then the last bit I almost did all I could but I felt like my legs were weaker so I probably didn't run too fast.

Keep in mind: this is my first year doing athletics and I had never before run 400m (my old max was 200m).
In the end I got the time of... 1min10 seconds! I was born in 99 so I'm in the "cadet" group but if I'm accepted to go to the competition I'll be running with and against "elites" which is one of the highest levels (no pressure).
The coach approved of my timing but still wanted to make sure by making me run the 200m before the end of the training... I didn't feel like I gave it my all at all but I managed to arrive to the finish line after 31 seconds (the coaches expectations being 38).
Therefor I'll be doing some personal physical condition (jogging) in the week-end in addition to the sunday-afternoon cheerleading training. On tuesday, when I usually have cheerleading I'll have the head-coach (whom I've never seen before) observe and in a way judge my running or something.
If I come through, I'll be going to the championships in Paris with a team of high level athletes.
I am very exited and although I realize this is probably a bad thing; my physical state depends a lot on my thoughts and emotions, therefor I hope to be welcoming my good friend adrenaline when I see my competition.
Anyway! This was a great experience and although it's a long text, it feels amazing to write it all out.

See you soon!


For those who don't know:

400m: full "circle" running
200m: half "circle" running

How to get rid of belly fat- day 1


Here's the deal, my hole life I've been into sports and eaten well (we ate sandwiches for lunch in Norway) but now that I live in France it's "normal" here to eat outside in lunch-hours. Therefor I have noticed lately that a small "muffin-top" has creeped itself onto my stomach. To motivate myself (and others) to get it off I'll share my experience here!

2 main factors:
- Healthy food

  • vegetables
  • fruit (great for energy)
  • the well known; water
  • whole cereals
  • milk
  • natural juice (homemade is best)
  • rice 

- Sports

  • jogging
  • pilates (I recommend blogilates.com
  • cheerleading 
  • athletics
  • dancing (wether it's a class or just turning up the music at home and full-on dancing, it helps!)

Goals before next thursday

  • athletics (6 hours)
  • cheerleading (3 hours)
  • jogging (2 hours)
  • stretching at home (3 hours)
  • dancing at home (2 hours)
  • no junk-food for a week (pinkie-promise)


food= breakfast: cereal, lunch: sandwich, soda,"pain au chocolat", dinner: a joint of beef with rice and vegetables.

sport= volleyball, athletics (400m, 200m & high jumps)

Good luck to you!

What do you think? Any advice?

Quick, easy and cheap last minute gift ideas

Hello there!

I have made a list of presents you can give to a friend, best friend or mother (reminder that mother day's right around the corner":

  • you are my sunshine ! Fill a jar or basket with yellow candy, lipgloss, nail polish, etc and make cute label saying « you are my sunshine » (or something cute that you can come up with).- Basically a homemade gift-basket

  • buy a (plastic or cardboard) coffee clear cup, put a gift card to her favorite store, some lipstick and nail polish. Tada, coffeegift cup !

  • personalized mug. Draw on a glass mug or cup with sharpie and bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.

  • love you a latte ! Buy some chilled coffees and write a cute note that says : <3 you a latte.- If you (or/and your) have a thing for terrible puns, like me.

  • And finally, there is the ever-so-lovely collage that you can personalise, and if the birthday is in this season (spring) don't hesitate to glue or rub a few small leaves and/or flowers on the background.

-The time and effort you put in the present depends on how dear the person is to you. 

-Remember, you can usually "feel" how much effort someone has put into your present, so a free nail-polish sample that came along with last month's beauty magazine is something to give to a not-so-close friend, while their favorite color nail polish with a little somethin'-somethin' showing how well you know the lucky one is important if it's a close friend.

-Be creative get some fun colors & shapes in there

Got any questions?

See you soon :)
Hey !

 Just putting it out there;

as a teen that is used to a lot of procrastination, I expect no more from you. 
This being  said I'll try to fix a picture to every idea to see what my version of the result looks like, so that you can get inspired.
When you end up using one of my tips, don't hesitate to send me your achievement pic! (It would mean a lot)

Mother's Day Humor

Mother's day is in four days, are you ready?? 

Here's a prep for mother's day with some mother's day humor.

For the Kids
 (because no matter if you're 16 or 61 you'll always be your parent's kid)

For the Husbands

For the Parents

For the moms

(respect to pinterest moms though)

And finally...

 Good luck getting ready for mother's day, hope this put a smile on your face,

have a nice day/night!

My plans from now to the week-end

What are your plans until the end of the week-end?

How to naturally have clear skin

Here's some advice for anyone that wants to obtain or maintain fresh, smooth and healthy skin.
 This post is specifically to have clear skin on your face but the second part (Body/ Face) can also be used for you hole body.


Use honey, plain yogurt or whipped egg whites by themselves or in combination for a great toning facial mask that leaves skin glowing.

Body/ Face

Mix equal parts of white or brown sugar and olive or almond oil and add essential oils of choice (optional). To exfoliate skin, rub the mixture onto skin and massage in for a couple of minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Extra advice:
  • I strongly recommend NOT using baking powder (specially on your face) as it is acid and can cause irreparable damage.
  • Alway wash your hands throughly before doing any of these or touching your face in general.
  • "Brick" Soap without industrial inputs (natural) also works and you can quantify it according to your skin (oily/ mix / dry). Wash your face 1-2 times a day and apply soap- without letting it foam.
  • Wash your face with clear water at least once a day

Good luck!

Cheerleading motivation

Good eavning! (wow that makes me sound old- might as well start with "greetings")

Right out of the shower after a three hour cheer-training. When it comes to cheerleading, I'm honestly nothing to brag about; I wasn't ready to be a flyer (the one that gets tossed around), I sucked at being a base (the ones that tosse around) and wasn't muscular enough to be a back (tossing around from the back).
Therefore I got put into the front/ spot/ 1-time-base-for-a-shoulderstand-thing positions.
This being said I'm plan on giving my all when our team performs at the french national cheerleading championship or as I -now noticing that it's annoyingly long- like to call it, the FNCC (sounds pretty cool to me)..
ANYWAY here's some inspiration for the cheerleaders (or anyone really) out there!

Good night! (Or day, depending on where you are) :)

Sheinside Wants


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What do you think about these? Did you know about Sheinside? Do you have a wishlist?

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The British Civil War & Glorious Revolution

Here's what my note summary says:So to prepare for my test on 'The Revolutionnary Ara' (En & US) I chose to divide my revisions in two:- the british rev. - the american rev.In this post, you'll get to know a little somethin' somethin' about the British revolution.For me, the best way to memorize what had happened is to list (in a chronological order) the names and doings of the different Kings and Queens that Britain had before, during and after the event.

*Leading to the Revolution

John 1st
- Ere of Henry II (who died partially of sorrow over being betrayed by his youngest son, John) almost right after his older brother Richard "Lionheart"
-Became king in 1199 after Richard's death in battle
- Married Isabella Gloucester in 1189 and ended it in 1199 (but kept her nearly captured for about ten years because he didn't want her, but her land)- the year he became king- because "she couldn't give him" an era, then married french Isabella Angoulême in 1200 (2 Isabella's.. yikes!)
- In France, a baron objected to his second marriage because of the girl's young age (estimated to have been around 12 y.o.). John ignored the objection, proceeded to marrying her, and cerrurated the baron. This started a rebellion.
- had a bad reputation: womanizer with political consequences, greed, treason, lust.
- First king to have committed murder with his own hands:
Arthur of Brittany, his younger nephew, after he had challenged the legitimacy of his succession to the throne. Was killed in 1202.
--All these events stomped the idea of Bad King John in people's minds which led to rebellions.
- The Counsil of the Realm asked him to sign the Magna Carta- so he did. He had plans of destroying it later but never lived to do so. Therefor, the document was still official when he died.
- His actions and character were some of the long term causes of the revolution

Edward 1st
- Himself and his successors thought that barons had gotten too powerful.
To make them less relevant,  he created a second part in the C.R. (Counsil of the Realm- which was one of the conditions of the Magna Carta= dividing the king's power) asking King's knights from all over the country to send representatives to London and representatives of wealthy bourgeois (reps of cities/ towns). -->  people felt honored and thrilled to join and and always took sides with the king. From thereon, Parliament was divided in 2 chambers: The House of Lords (knights and barons) & The House of Commons (representatives)

- Got three children: a son that didn't live long enough to rule, and two daughters Mary and Elizabeth.

Mary 1st
- Felt it was her religious duty to bring Catholicism back to England.
- Was in power for about 5 years in which she killed around 200 protestants. --> nickname "Bloody Mary".
- Died at the age of 58 y.o.

Elizabeth 1st
- When her step sister Mary died, she turned her country protestant again.
- (unlike her brother and sister) was queen for  over 40 years.
- Only "bump in the road": rebellion in the North (opposed her religiously and politically) by her only actual rival (related to royal family): political candidate Mary Stuart Queen of Scotts. As she was a living threat, Elizabeth had been advised to eliminate her- so she did. Mary was put on trial, proven guilty and was beheaded as a political opponent.
- In the process of killing mary, 800 people were executed.
- Liked by a majority of the people and by parliament with which she had collaborated well.
- Died without an ere --> caused the civil war
- Succeeded by her cousin's son (King of Scotts).

James 1st
- Not used to and therefor not comfortable with Parliament. Didn't think a monarchy could function that way, wanted absolutism. In his opinion: the King was a rep. of God on earth, God had absolute power, and therefor so should the King. (Enjoyed the French monarchy)

Charles 1st
- Although simpler than John's, had religious and financial problems: accused of being a "closet catholic", had to prepare for war against the Scotts.--> Parliament used his "need" for taxes to make him agree to their demands.--> he ordered wealthy people to lend him large sums of money, if they refused, they were put into prison until they obeyed.

* The Civil War

- In 1628 war broke out

  • forced to call another Parliament
  • before giving him money, made him sign the Petition of Rights (said he could not collect taxes without Parliament's permission + forbade the King of putting anyone in prison without good reasons)
  • Charles signed but ignored the document: Parliament(P.) objected and was dismissed (1629)--> angered MPs. After P. was dismissed he ordered the collection of customs duties (which were supposed to be illegal).
  • Some MPs were arrested and thrown into prison. 
  • End of 1630's, seemed to have enough money to rule without ever calling P. But it was enough to govern, not to fight a war.   
  • 1638 Archbishop Laud tried to force the Scots to use the English Prayer Book. Scotts- nearly all being Puritans- were furious.--> The National Covenant was drawn up, thousands signed it (some even doing so in their own blood).
  • Charle's trusty and effective advisor the Earl of Stafford had been sent to Scotland. When he came back, advised the King to crush the rebellion by force. This (raising an army) would cost almost 1,000,000 pounds (aka money that he didn't have). Charles ultimatum was to call Parliament
  • 1640: Parliament met in the spring. By that time he had already used his money to raise (a small) army. When they met, there was an atmosphere of crisis. The king wanted The House of Commons to raise money immediately. MPs insisted that he had to promise to change his method of government before helping him with anything.
  • One month later: Charles angrily dissolved Parliament again.
  • August 1640 as the Scots had moved into England, he was forced to sign a humiliating treaty with them
  • November: Charles called a new Parliament. One of their first acts: demand arrest of Archbishop Laud and the Earl of Strafford. The king did not dare to stop any of the arrests. Parliament illegally had Strafford executed (with the advice of Pym). Laud: prisoner in the tower of London---> Charles was without his two closest advisors. 
  • Parliament passed laws which gave it more or less power. Eg: the King could no longer choose his own advisors, they were again in control of taxation, Ship money, customs duties and forced loans were abolished. Even the education of the king's children was to be taken care of by Parliament.
  • January 1642: Charles arrived in the House of Commons with a squad of soldiers( determined to arrest his five leading opponents). This was a major error by Charles. The five members had heard what was going to happen, escaped down the river into the City of London. If he had succeeded, he might been able to regain power. 
  • August 1642: thinking he might find more supporters further away from the capital. Charles raised his standard at Nottingham and appealed to all loyal subjects of military age to join him. From London, Parliament began to raise an army. THE CIVIL WAR HAD BEGUN.
  • In the end, the king lost. (mostly thanks to Oliver Crowell who organized Parliament's army). 
- Was arrested, trialled for treason by Parliament- that acted as tribunal. Charles never recognized the authority of P to trial him so didn't defend himself. He was found guilty and sentenced to death by execution.

Post War
-  Parliament tried to rule without a king for years which resulted to major chaos and anarchy. Their solution: go to the man that had saved them= Oliver Crowell (OC). Although he was frustrated, he accepted to rule, but not as king but as Lord Protector of the Commonwealth. His intentions weren't to stay LPC for long, but he was until his death came. 
- When he died, England became a Republic.
- Not being ready for self-government, England asked O.C's son to be new LPC but he was not competent (charisma, prestige.etc...) so things quickly deteriorated back into chaos and anarchy.

- Charles I's son was then asked to be the new king. Charles II promised not to repeat his father's mistakes. The country remained relatively calm, but there were suspicions of him being a "closet catholic"  because he was brought up by a French (and therefor Catholic) mother. Although he never publicly admitted to being so, he asked to be buried as a catholic. He was a well-behaving king and unfortunately died without an are, and therefor succeeded by his brother James II

* The Glorious Revolution

James II
- From 1688
- things started to go bad again
- Was publicly Catholic which made Parliament uncomfortable. Unlike his Catholic ancestors (eg: Charles II) didn't hide his religion.
- Although they didn't appreciate him, the Parliament was willing to put up with him because he was getting old and had no ere. The throne would go to Marry his protestant daughter that was married to Deutsch Prince William of Orange.
- Things went pretty well (tension- wise) between him and Parliament until 1688 as he announced that the queen was pregnant with a boy (!). In James's state of mind, that meant that the new king would be raised a catholic (rumors went around that she wasn't pregnant).
- Was asked to hit the road- Parliament that the situation was unacceptable and that the daughter was to be the queen of England.
-  Raised an army and called William from Holland. Facing two armies, he didn't go through and exiled himself.

Post Revolution
- To make sure a situation like this would never happen again: Act of Supremacy & Bill of Rights. Parliament clearly became a supreme authority over monarchy in the country. It gave itself the power to deny the throne to catholics. Even denied monarchs in the possibility of becoming a catholic king. The goal was to make it impossible for catholics to ever become king or queen in England

*Extra facts
-Mary Stuart was Elizabeth 1st's cousin (!)
- actually James 6th but there had been no other James in England so became James 1st

Any questions? Remarques? Comment!