Cheerleading motivation

Good eavning! (wow that makes me sound old- might as well start with "greetings")

Right out of the shower after a three hour cheer-training. When it comes to cheerleading, I'm honestly nothing to brag about; I wasn't ready to be a flyer (the one that gets tossed around), I sucked at being a base (the ones that tosse around) and wasn't muscular enough to be a back (tossing around from the back).
Therefore I got put into the front/ spot/ 1-time-base-for-a-shoulderstand-thing positions.
This being said I'm plan on giving my all when our team performs at the french national cheerleading championship or as I -now noticing that it's annoyingly long- like to call it, the FNCC (sounds pretty cool to me)..
ANYWAY here's some inspiration for the cheerleaders (or anyone really) out there!

Good night! (Or day, depending on where you are) :)


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