Quick, easy and cheap last minute gift ideas

Hello there!

I have made a list of presents you can give to a friend, best friend or mother (reminder that mother day's right around the corner":

  • you are my sunshine ! Fill a jar or basket with yellow candy, lipgloss, nail polish, etc and make cute label saying « you are my sunshine » (or something cute that you can come up with).- Basically a homemade gift-basket

  • buy a (plastic or cardboard) coffee clear cup, put a gift card to her favorite store, some lipstick and nail polish. Tada, coffeegift cup !

  • personalized mug. Draw on a glass mug or cup with sharpie and bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.

  • love you a latte ! Buy some chilled coffees and write a cute note that says : <3 you a latte.- If you (or/and your) have a thing for terrible puns, like me.

  • And finally, there is the ever-so-lovely collage that you can personalise, and if the birthday is in this season (spring) don't hesitate to glue or rub a few small leaves and/or flowers on the background.

-The time and effort you put in the present depends on how dear the person is to you. 

-Remember, you can usually "feel" how much effort someone has put into your present, so a free nail-polish sample that came along with last month's beauty magazine is something to give to a not-so-close friend, while their favorite color nail polish with a little somethin'-somethin' showing how well you know the lucky one is important if it's a close friend.

-Be creative get some fun colors & shapes in there

Got any questions?

See you soon :)
Hey !

 Just putting it out there;

as a teen that is used to a lot of procrastination, I expect no more from you. 
This being  said I'll try to fix a picture to every idea to see what my version of the result looks like, so that you can get inspired.
When you end up using one of my tips, don't hesitate to send me your achievement pic! (It would mean a lot)


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