How to get rid of belly fat- day 1


Here's the deal, my hole life I've been into sports and eaten well (we ate sandwiches for lunch in Norway) but now that I live in France it's "normal" here to eat outside in lunch-hours. Therefor I have noticed lately that a small "muffin-top" has creeped itself onto my stomach. To motivate myself (and others) to get it off I'll share my experience here!

2 main factors:
- Healthy food

  • vegetables
  • fruit (great for energy)
  • the well known; water
  • whole cereals
  • milk
  • natural juice (homemade is best)
  • rice 

- Sports

  • jogging
  • pilates (I recommend
  • cheerleading 
  • athletics
  • dancing (wether it's a class or just turning up the music at home and full-on dancing, it helps!)

Goals before next thursday

  • athletics (6 hours)
  • cheerleading (3 hours)
  • jogging (2 hours)
  • stretching at home (3 hours)
  • dancing at home (2 hours)
  • no junk-food for a week (pinkie-promise)


food= breakfast: cereal, lunch: sandwich, soda,"pain au chocolat", dinner: a joint of beef with rice and vegetables.

sport= volleyball, athletics (400m, 200m & high jumps)

Good luck to you!

What do you think? Any advice?


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